Making the world more sustainable through reducing the barriers to cycling


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From Melbourne to Dubai, Lisbon to Cape Town we’re growing this year again with more CycleHacks taking place than ever before.  Find out if there is a CycleHack where you live.

CycleHack 2016

Global HQ is partnering up this year

Find out how we are collaborating with Timbuk2 to make CycleHack HQ sustainable and able to support the growing CycleHacks around the world

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CycleHack 2016

June 24th – 26th 2016

Once a year we host a global CycleHack Event. This not for profit event brings people together from around the globe to come up with ideas that tackle the barriers to cycling and provides them with the tools and space to prototype them in under 48 hours. Working from Friday and Sunday, you pitch an idea that will make cycling easier or more accessible and build it by the end of the weekend. Find out how to run a CycleHack where you live.

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A global movement reducing the barriers to cycling

CycleHack focuses on bringing people and their places together to discuss and generate solutions to barriers that stop or inhibit people from cycling.

Through a variety of activities, we bring together a diverse range of people with different skill sets and experiences to look at cycling in a new way.  We run a global network of events, bespoke challenges for organisations and education programmes on how to CycleHack.

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What is a CycleHack?

A ‘Cyclehack’ is an idea that can be prototyped and tested in the city that addresses a barrier to cycling.

Hacks can be physical products, digital apps, ideas for new campaigns or even influence policy and can consider local infrastructure and route maps. The process of bringing multiple disciplines and perspectives together to design new ideas brings life to innovative ideas.

We have an online catalogue of all CycleHacks to date that gives an idea of the types of solutions people are building around the globe.

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CycleHackers across the globe

By signing up as a CycleHacker you can become part of our global network and join people around the world who are submitting their CycleHacks into our online catalogue. We’ve grown a global movement across the UK, Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East and you can sign up your city now.

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CycleHack 2014: The Film

Our first annual CycleHack Event took place in three cities, Melbourne, Beirut and our global HQ in Glasgow, Scotland.  Attracting over 150 people, each CycleHack event produced ideas to solve local barriers.  We produced a documentary about our inaugural event with Flux Video.

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We ran CycleHack in 25 cities during the Annual Global CycleHack.  Find out what happened from Melbourne to Chennai, London to Glasgow, New York to Vancouver in 2015.

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Meet our team and associates

From designers to engineers, events organisers to strategists we are growing a team of global CycleHackers who are official partners and associates of CycleHack.  With a range of skill sets we can offer design, innovation events, help take products to market and educate on protoyping.

Meet the Team

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