As a CycleHack Event organiser it’s up to you how big or small your component of the global event will be. A CycleHack Event can be anything from a group of friends coming together to over 100 people at one event. All you really need is some passionate people, a venue with internet access, and a creative mind!


You may choose to make use of your own personal network and run your local CycleHack Event on very little budget, or you may seek out sponsorship for your event and bring in extra resources. Some organisers charge a small fee for tickets to help cover costs, while others make their events free to attend. Some provide food and drink, while some ask participants to bring their lunch or even do a pot-luck meal.



While you, and your team, decide how your will coordinate your local CycleHack Event, we support you with the basic agenda, network, platform and tools for a successful event!