Cycling innovation by the people who ride.

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CycleHack is a global movement that supports people with the tools and platform to design, prototype and test new cycling innovations.

We are a dynamic community of people from all around the globe who are using design to break down the barriers to cycling we face within our daily lives. We prototype new products, services and bikeable places that help get more people on two wheels.


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We work with a global community of innovators, designers, technologists and advocates who all want to see cycling become more accessible, safe and fun.



Once a year we run a Global CycleHack Event that takes place in cities all around the world and brings our community together.



We help businesses design better products and bike services by connecting with the people who use them.



We support organisations from around the world to run their own CycleHack Events at any point in the year with our event license.


Core77 Design for Social Impact Winner

The platform enables a grassroots approach to innovation. It taps into a huge reservoir of latent social energy. Bottom line, we can see it making a real difference where a real difference needs to be made.

Core77 Design for Social Impact Winner | Jury Commentary

We're bringing human-centered design to the cycling world.

Through research, design and prototyping we allow communities and organisations to discover new perspectives on how cycling can be made more accessible, safe and fun for all. We provide the tools to design new solutions that solve the barriers to cycling you face everyday.

This is a new and refreshing method to improving the experience of cycling, that moves conversations into action. Through transforming seemingly small barriers to cycling into opportunities, these can be developed to collectively make a big difference.


Empowering individuals to design, prototype & test their own solutions.

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We are all experts in our own right. We all have countless hours of experience travelling through our local streets, interacting with other road users and using the products and services that surround us.

We believe that it is only through enabling individuals to tap into this expertise, and collaborate with others, that we will see real innovation that works for the people who will use it.


Tangible prototypes that address the barriers to cycling.


Here’s what some CycleHackers have been up to...

CycleHack London

CycleHack London

StackRack: More efficient parking for bikes.

Bollards4Bicycles: Safe street-side bicycle parking.

CycleHack Manchester

CycleHack Manchester

The Chain Gang: An app that allows people to call for help.

CycleHack Glasgow

CycleHack Glasgow

Veloscapr: Cycle statistics about the area you live in.

CycleHack Brussels

CycleHack Brussels

Kodazur: A bike path for pedestrian zones.

CycleHack Vancouver

CycleHack Vancouver

SlowWall: Making it fun to go slow.

CycleHack Glasgow

CycleHack Glasgow

Blind Spot Wrap: Empathy between road users.

Bike Brussels Better: Making navigation as easy as taking the metro.


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