Baicabox - the cycle safebox

26/6/2016 Rome


Baicabox is a non removable bag/container for bicycles designed to carry tool box or as a storage itself

Barrier This Solves

1 - leave at home (for lack of space or too much weight) the tools
2 - forget/loose/steale risk lights or tools
3 - sudden rain
4- not be able to storage everything in one/small bag




Detailed Description

Baicabox is a cyclinder shape container. Details:
- made in kevlar : waterproof, uncutable, light weight, non rigid
- rigid back
- double choice to fix it: 1 - in place of the water-flask holder with a inclinable system to facilitate the opening; 2 - mounted to the saddle slide
- cap with anti theft lock
- bag for carrying loose objects with an easy removable system


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