Rome Bike Friendly

10/7/2016 Rome


Connecting the city. To implement a cultural change, we need to change our behaviors (improvisation is a good gym!), and it is something that depends exclusively on us and our actions. You train your brain not to feel stressed when facing a problem with your bike.
So, we want to make biking in Rome accessible by connecting neighborhoods, social destinations and people with the development of a mutual aid network of people (main actors) for a territorial communities of cyclists. We want to seize the opportunity to significantly increase the city's bikeway mileage by ensuring streets with “SOS pit stop kit” 24/7, bike parking area and bike friendly businesses. Mapping places and people socially responsible to create and share friendly space for bikes.

Barrier This Solves

Not having the space to park the bike at home, near the railway station etc.
My bike has a flat tyre and i don’t have a tip top kit with me.
I would like to pump my tyre but i don’t have a pump with me. It’s late night and my need an easy reparation but i don’t have any tools with me.
I would like to go to the bar or at a pub or shopping but i can’t find friendly bike businnesses where to park my bike safely.
I would like to find infostructures to parking my bike (bike racks etc.).
I would like don’t carry with me all the tools (extra weight) and be more indipendent/adaptive in case of needs.