24th - 26th June 2016

The CycleHack Global Event is growing!
From Melbourne to Mexico City, Bergen to Cape Town we’re growing this year again with more CycleHack Events taking place than ever before!  Find out if there is a CycleHack Event where you live below.
If you’re interested in facilitating an event where you live, sign up your city or place and we’ll get you onto our map!


Since launching in 2014, we have grown from 3 cities to now over 35 and continue to grow.

It’s easy to sign up your place using the link below! We then invite you to our shared platform and talk you through the steps of setting up a CycleHack Event where you live. If you already see your place on the map, still apply, we will link you up with the local host. 

Sign up to run a CycleHack

Below is our growing list of places and cities taking part.  We will be linking to their own ticket and information pages as they develop them in the coming months. 

Share your barriers to cycling!

We are curious to know what things get in the way of your cycling! We know that the barriers to cycling differ between cities as geographical, social and environmental conditions change, and we are reaching out to you in order to understand more.

Share your barriers to cycling