Reducing the barriers to cycling throughout the year!

CycleHack Events are run out with the Global CycleHack Event dates. These events are often coordinated by expert organisers, organisations and companies who are seeking to run their own CycleHack Event.

As these events are not part of Global CycleHack Event, they require a separate license and sign off by CycleHack HQ.

Basic license covers: (Illustrator Graphics?

  • Access to barrier pack (20 cards)

  • Access to ‘Hack Pack’.

  • Basic CycleHack tools including blank barrier and idea cards, modular agenda outline.

  • CycleHack Branding Pack & Logo Template.

  • Access to the CycleHack global organiser community.

Licence Fee Basics


License Fees are are negotiated in conversation with the organisers. Read more...

License Fees are applicable for both free and paid ticket CycleHack Events. Given the variety organizations, governing bodies and brands that apply fees are negotiated in conversation with the organisers. We recognise that each CycleHack Event will have it’s own unique scale, resources and team. Minimum fees are as follows:

- For grassroots-driven CycleHack Events with no paid staff, minimum fee is £300 (British Pounds).

- For organisation, company & local authority driven CycleHack Events with paid staff, minimum fee is £1000 (British Pounds).

Planning Ahead

Please apply for a license no later than six months before your proposed event date (preferably longer). Read more...

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Organizers must reapply each year to renew their license. Read more...

As each licence specific to each CycleHack Event, we require each organiser to reach back out to us and renew their licence if they wish to host another event. Each organiser must be in good standing (with all requirements fulfilled) to qualify for renewal.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone can apply for a CycleHack Event license.

Licenses can be granted to everyone from organisation, institutions and museums, to government entities, non-profits, businesses, schools, and individuals.


Licenses last for a period of 12 months and are for one CycleHack Event. Read more...

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Bolt On Services

CycleHack Events can purchase ‘bolt on’ extra gear services from CycleHack HQ. Read more...

In addition to the basic CycleHack Event Licence, organisers can purchase ‘bolt on’ extra gear services from CycleHack HQ that improve and support the development of their events. These bolt on services range from bespoke agenda consultation and further training, to photography and filming at their event.