Are you interested in supporting CycleHack® to capture the annual CycleHack® and contribute to a global film?

Just like Life in a Day, a film about everyday life was crowdsourced by citizens across the globe, we want to do this with our CycleHack® in 2015.

We’re doing this because we’ve scaled in 2015 with around 30 locations on board to run a CycleHack®.

We want to capture this global movement from the very start, but 30 locations is a huge amount for us to cover.

So we’re going to take a crowdsourced approach.  And we need you!

We’re interested in hooking up our locations with film-makers, videographers and photographers.  And of course if you are attending a CycleHack®, we want to crowdsource the footage you capture too.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the latest SLR or top notch audio equipment, we just want to gather all our footage together in one place.

Post CycleHack 2015 in June, we will be crowdfunding the production of the film with the fantastic Carol Cooke of Scrumptious Productions, a film producer based here in Glasgow.

In return we will ensure you are credited at the end of the film if you send on footage to us post CycleHack®.  We will use your footage in the final Global Capture edit of all the CycleHacks as part of all the crowdsourced footage.  Your footage is free for you to use for projects you see fit post CycleHack®, we will not take ownership of it.

You can view all the Global locations here and we’d encourage you to touch base with them individually to attend and support capturing footage.  If you could fill in the form to the right if you intend to be part of the CycleHack® global capture project it means we can touch base with you on ideal shots to shoot week commencing 15th June. 

If you have a problem getting in touch let us know by contacting us here.  And of course - if you are already attending, just point and shoot!

Sign up to become a Global Capturer

We need some basic details from you just so we know how many and where our global capture partners are. We ask that you directly contact the local CycleHack® organiser to touch base and we will use the details to contact you directly with updates about the Global Capture project.

Up to date city list
Vancouver (Canada)
Twin Cities (USA)
Manchester (England)
Glasgow (Scotland)
London (England)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Brussels (Belgium)
Bergen (Norway)
Bilbao (Spain)
Wuppertal (Germany)
Nuremberg (Germany)
Istanbul (Turkey)
Athens (Greece)
Beirut (Lebanon)
Bengaluru (India)
Coimbatore (India)
Chennai (India)
Amman (Jordan)
Sydney (Australia)
Melbourne (Australia)
Tokyo (Japan)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Pelotan (Brazil)
New York City (USA)
What to shoot:

We are looking to tell a consistent story across the CycleHacks so we’ve given some pointers on shots that would be useful.  You can download them here to print and take with you.  We want to collect similar shots so we can segway from one CycleHack® to another easily.

We are interested in capturing the theme of equality and two wheeled citizenship and the proactive approachCycleHack® promotes to developing solutions for place to get more people on two wheels.

We’d like capture of:

- Two to three interviews with organisers and participants talking about their involvement in CycleHack®, why they’re here, what the ideas are, what impact they thinkCycleHack® can have where they live, traditional barriers in that area.

- A narrative of what Cycling infrastructure is like where you’re shooting (audio and visual)

- Location shots, both of the CycleHack® Venue and the area it is being held.  What do the roads look like? What are the buildings like? Are many people cycling?

- A narrative of what’s happening from the organisers at various points of the day

- Capture of individuals cycling where the CycleHack® is taking place

- Sunrise and sunset if possible

- Your local CycleHack® logo in shot (on posters, leaflets)

Urban prototyping - following and shooting CycleHackers implementing prototyptes in the street

Where to send footage:

Post CycleHack, send us a dropbox link or We Transfer link to [email protected]

We’re seeking to have all footage in our store by 10th July at 5pm.

Please include:

Your name you would like to be credited as

Your website/online profile

Your phone number and local country code

Any notes about the footage you’ve captured and titles for interviews/venue names etc.

Editing a film for an individual location:

We have a few like to haves for the titling of the movie to keep the edit consistent which organisers will know about. We can supply this framework to local organisers who are editing a film of their own for their location or with you as a film-maker.

This will be released after CycleHack® has finished on the 22nd June.

We are happy for you to include local sponsor logos within this but our titles must be used.

We do this - not because we’re design detail freaks (ok we are a little!) but we want to create a consistent brand across all the CycleHacks® and unite all of us together as one big global movement.

If you are creating a localised CycleHack® film please do contact us as we will upload it to cyclehack.com’s media channels in addition to local channels through the local organisers.