June 24th - 26th


CycleHack® runs an annual global event which is free for any city or place to host and be part of the global movement. The next global event will take place on the weekend of June 24th -26th 2016.

Sign up your city / place to host a CycleHack® Event in 2016


Locations all over the world are applying to run a CycleHack® Event in their own community in June 2016. We’ve grown from 3 cities to 25 in under 18 months. In 2016 can we reach 50?

Apply to run your own CycleHack® Event where you live. We will then invite you to our shared online platform where we will talk you through the steps of setting up your CycleHack® Event. If you’re close to one that already exists, we’ll pair you up!

It may seem scary BUT a CycleHack Event can be 2 people to a 1000 at one event. All you really need is a venue, people who want to come and build new ideas for improving cycling and access to the internet.

It’s up to you how you want to run it. You may choose to make use of your network and run it on a shoestring budget or to seek out sponsorships and partners for your local CycleHack Event. Some charge for tickets, some make it a free event. Some provide food and drink, while some ask participants to bring their lunch or even do a pot-luck meal.

While there are rules and expectations to follow, you can run your CycleHack Event to whatever scale you want.

  • Run your CycleHack Event during our annual event , the final date will be in June 2016. Invite cyclists, designers, developers, makers, cycling organisations, taxi drivers, pedestrians, drivers and all others who are interested in improving the overall experience of using the roads.

  • Upload all CycleHacks developed at your event to our open source catalogue. (don’t worry we’ll give you instruction on how to do so)

  • Set up and share Eventbrites to be included on main CycleHack website.

  • Share contact information, event details, and any other information on the main CycleHack website through us, we’ll get you on the map.

  • Connect through #cyclehack in the run up to and during the event.

  • Connect with online community of CycleHack Global organisers. (We use a private online platform for us to share instructions, planning guides, tools, ideas in the run up to the event)

  • Share your experiences of organising your CycleHack Event through our blog.
  • We will give you access to the CycleHack branding and support you to create a logo for your event.

  • We have developed an event toolkit with loads of good practice, basic budget, sponsorship pack templates, press release templates, and other useful bits of information.

  • As we continue our research, we will give you access to our findings and the barriers we gather from our partners all around the world.

  • Your hacks will be showcased in our Open Source Catalogue.

  • You will have access to the support of other CycleHack organisers through an online community.

  • A really good time and sense of ownership over what the future of cycling might be!


If you’re looking to work with us beyond running a free CycleHack during the global event we’re looking for associates around the globe.

We have three products we run with organisations around the world. By becoming a CycleHack® Associate you will have the license to deliver our products globally and join the team in developing our products.

Express interest in becoming an associate

CycleHack®  Challenges and Platform

By becoming an associate you will have the ability to utilise our challenge platform and work in partnership with CycleHack® to develop relationships with interested global brands and organisations who would like to host and deliver a CycleHack® Event for profit.

CycleHack®  Education

Become an associate and work with us to deliver CycleHack® Education modules and training around the globe for young people and organisations interested in developing innovation methods in the cycling sector.

CycleHack®  Incubation

As an associate CycleHack individual or event partner we will work with you to set up an incubation process for CycleHack products and solutions.