CycleHack is on a mission to reduce the barriers to cycling.

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We focus on bringing diverse groups of people together to design, build and test solutions to the barriers that stop or discourage them from cycling. We want to make places more bikeable, with people at the heart of this process.

It is important to our way of working to not only involve city officials, policy makers and traditional cycle advocates, but also those on the ground level that use our streets everyday. We've experienced that there are thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people out there at that really want to see cycling become easier, more commonplace and accepted - however they have no platform to take real positive action.


“Cyclehack is an exciting, innovative movement, bringing the principles of design thinking and rapid prototyping to the world of cycling. Sustrans Scotland recognise the benefits CycleHack brings, in addressing barriers, stimulating innovation, and building support for cycling initiatives. We look forward to seeing the product catalogue growing as participation and popularity grows!”

Matt Macdonald   |  Senior Business Development Officer - Sustrans Scotland


Coming into the cycling world with a design background, we are actively looking to the positive and taking a holistic, human-centred approach to designing new solutions that work for people - no matter whether they move around on two feet, two wheels or four!

Through a variety of activities we galvanise local people with unique perspectives and skills, and connect them with brands, authorities and city stakeholders to problem solve and re-design the total experience of cycling.


We do this by:



Running an inspiring annual Global CycleHack Event that brings new audiences together around the agenda of placemaking who wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to collaborate.



Tooling up citizens with the skills to design and test new products, services and policies that need to exist in order for them to have access, fun and be safe on two wheels.



Targeting cycling brands and advocacy organisations, and training them on how to co-design their products, services and initiatives closely with a cross section of citizens and stakeholders in a new way.



Facilitating and inspiring a new set of two-wheeled activists who work together globally using design to reduce barriers to cycling and apply their initiatives locally.



Hosting an online platform where new cycling initiatives are uploaded, held in the creative commons and shared online as examples of best practice and innovation.

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Re-designing the aesthetic of cycling activism to appeal to a new audience, while bridging the gap between decision makers and those on the street to involve a wider set of disciplines.

(Creative agencies / designers / engineers / artists / makers / everyday cyclists / & many, many more...)