Improving the experience of cycling through design.


In 2014 we started with the fairly simple idea to host a one-off cycling related hackathon in Glasgow, Scotland.

We wanted to bring those who had great ideas together with those who had the skills to bring these ideas to life - all within 48 hours!


This simple idea has now grown into a truly Global Movement.


As a global movement of passionate designers, makers and do-ers, we’re on a mission  to make cycling more accessible, safe and fun for all. We want to reduce the number of barriers that surround everything from; how you learn to ride a bike; where you lock your bike up; how you interact with others; to how cycling can fit into your daily routines.

In order to do this, we have grown CycleHack from being a one-off event into a global platform that supports 100’s of CycleHackers all around the globe.


We’re a small team of designers, researchers & makers who all love their bikes.




Sarah Drummond

& Director

Sarah's expertise range from product design and service design, to business model innovation. Sarah has a particular interest in how design thinking can be applied to the development of an organisation’s capacity to innovate in-house, and loves getting ideas out into the real world as urban prototypes. She has experience of working on new services and digital agendas and has led over 100 projects in the design and innovation field.

When not working on CycleHack, Sarah is leading her team over at Snook.


Barrier you’d most like to be solved?

Hearing people say, ‘It must be really dangerous being on the road, I wouldn’t do it’ is the biggest barrier I’d love to change.

It’s not easy getting on the road and confidence/fear can be the two things that stop people from cycling.


Gears all the way!  I wouldn’t cycle without them.

Where was the last place you cycled?

London - where I now live. I love it! It’s a great city to get around and mostly flat too.

Favourite CycleHack?

Think it is still Stack Rack.  Purely because it’s so simple and it up-cycles materials. 




Matthew Lowell

& Director

Matt's expertise lie in the areas of product and service design, where prototyping and testing plays a big part in his design process. He is interested in how design thinking can be used to give form to the experiences and interactions around us, making them more accessible, intuitive and meaningful.

When not working on CycleHack, Matt can be found over at Endless Biking as their Operations Manager. 


Barrier you come across most often?

For me, I'd have to say finding a place to lock up my bike where I feel confident that it will still be there when I return. I think there is lots of work needed around the area of secure bike parking!

Where was the last place you cycled?

Riding my mountain bike on Vancouver's North Shore. I'm constantly moving between riding my mountain bike and getting around the city on my commuter.

Flat bars or drops?

Flat! I only have one bike at the moment with drop bars and definitely enjoy riding more with flat bars.


I really like the Kodazur - Bike Promenade from CycleHack Brussels. When we first launched CycleHack, many people questioned how you could prototype new street infrastructure ideas and I think these guys did a great job! I also really love Chain Gang from Manchester as I really see it answering a real need!




Keir McCluskey

Designer & operations

Keir is an all-around designer who has a strong technical background, having recently graduated with a Masters Engineering degree. With a real passion for changing the world through socially beneficial, technology led projects, he has previously designed products with a strong focus on sustainability through longevity and circular economy models.

When not working with CycleHack, you'll probably find him somewhere with mud on his hands, or he'll be cycling around Glasgow on his vintage bike.


Barrier you feel has the biggest impact?

The perceived inaccessibility of cycling culture vs. pressures to own a car for status reasons. We need to focus on how we can build more positive associations with bikes, restructure the language we use to speak about them and normalise them as everyday objects in people's lives.

First set of wheels?

As with other “90s kids” my first wheels were purchased from Halfords, probably more of a “bike shaped object” than actual bike. However I have many fond memories of long summers spent riding it endlessly.

Where was the last place you cycled?

I’m very much exclusively an inner city cyclist. I’m sure if I was to heat map my regular route, I pretty much cover the same 5ish miles of road day in, day out. My new year's resolution is to see more of Scotland, and come the Springtime, I intend to clock up some serious miles across the length and breadth of this wee country.

Favourite CycleHack?

CycleHack Chat has amazing potential in terms of the openness of what it could achieve and breadth of people it could reach. This platform allows people that are passionate about improving the experience of cycling to communicate directly, share thoughts, explore ideas and inspire each other all year round!



CycleHack Ambassadors

Johanna Holtan

Mastercard Foundation /
CycleHack Co-Founder

Read about Jo here!

Johanna has spent over 15 years designing and building programmes and businesses for social good across a variety of sectors including higher education, active transport, sport & culture, international aid agencies and social enterprise. In addition to being one of the co-founders of CycleHack, Johanna has created and curated four TEDx events, and the global phenomenon Penny in Yo’ Pants. Johanna also served as a Peace Corps volunteer and USAID programme consultant in Georgia, working with a network of local women’s health organisations.

Johanna currently manages the $27 million, 7 year, MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme at Edinburgh University which provides full scholarships and leadership programming to African students with high potential but few educational opportunities.

Johanna also received the prestigious Principal’s Medal for her contributions to Edinburgh University.