Cy.cle.Hack (

noun. plural Cy.cle.Hacks

1. A tangible prototype that addresses a barrier to cycling.

verb. Cy.cle.Hacking, Cy.cle.Hacked

2. To retrospectively modify current infrastructure and / or bike using a cyclist's intuition.



Every CycleHack starts with a barrier!

The problems we seek to solve differ between cities as geographical, social and environmental conditions change. Some of the barriers that we address are specific, micro issues such as feeling confident while indicating, while others are larger macro issues such the way we which we grow cycling within diverse audiences, such as women and those living with a disability. Other barriers are specific to a location, like troublesome street corners or intersections.

The more we broaden the perspective on these barriers and dive deeper than the high level term ‘infrastructure’, the more we uncover a whole range of issues from large to small.

Through reframing barriers to cycling as opportunities, CycleHackers can quickly jump from discussion into action.