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1. The Rules.

Our rules make sure everyone is on the same page and that we maintain an open platform for all CycleHackers. Here at CycleHack HQ we volunteer our time to provide the opportunity & tools to take part in the Global CycleHack Event, and while we don't have too many rules, we do have some that we are strict about.

Your event must be 'not for profit'

All CycleHack Events are strictly not for profit. Each Local CycleHack Event can charge for tickets but only to cover food / drink and material expenses. Talk to us if you have ticket / sponsorship funds left over, and we can advise on how to be transparent about storing it for the next event or giving it to a local cycle charity.

If you are a brand or organisation looking to host a CycleHack Event for marketing / promotional purposes, chat to us! We charge a simple licence fee for branded CycleHack Events!

Join in & take part on our online platforms

We use our website and Slack to communicate & share important resources with all organisers, and we need you to be active on there. We want you to be part of these platforms and we expect you and your team to interact with us & other organisers on them.

Social Media is also an important part of CycleHack and it is important that you and your team share your experience of CycleHack on there in a pro-active and positive way - with clean language and an open mind to all arguments and opinions.

No challenges or themes

Your local CycleHack Event cannot focus on a specific challenge or theme. You must use the CycleHack Barrier cards to open up discussions and broaden design opportunities.

You must allow all participants to contribute a range of barriers and ideas that they want to work on. It is important to allow for all barriers and ideas to be explored and developed - no matter how big or small.

You must name your CycleHack Event correctly

You cannot name your CycleHack Event after a country or region name. You must choose a city, town, village, street or place, and name your event in the following format - CycleHack (place name). We want to encourage many different cities / places to host CycleHack Events, and naming a CycleHack Event after a country or region gives no room for other places close by to host. For example: CycleHack Glasgow is great! While CycleHack Scotland is not!

You also cannot name your CycleHack Event after a company or directly affiliate it with a company. While you can be sponsored by a company and give them credit for their support, one company cannot take full control. For Example: CycleHack Ikea is not allowed.

These rules apply to the name of your event, social media handles / names, URLs and any other places you might communicate your name.

If we find that you have a name that is not correct, we will ask you to change it.

Register & use the CycleHack Catalogue

Make sure your participants register to the CycleHack Open Source Catalogue during the first day of the your CycleHack Event and upload what they have worked on throughout the weekend by 5pm (local time) on the last day. We are looking for detailed descriptions along with photos and any links to videos or other files when uploading.

We review our rules and policies with our community annually and ask for input on updating them. These are a collaborative set of rules & policies that we all share. To Read our full CycleHack Global Movement Policies click here!

2. Licence Agreement.

We grant organisers a one-off, free license to host a local CycleHack Event during the specified Global CycleHack Event dates, or other dates once agreed by CycleHack HQ. Before registering, make sure you have read and understood:

The Global CycleHack Event Licence Agreement

  1. What is a limited License for the Global CycleHack Event? When you accept the terms and conditions below, CycleHack Ltd will grant you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license (the “License”) to use the CycleHack name, trademarks, service marks, materials made available for reproduction on the CycleHack website and your specific CycleHack Event name (collectively, the “Intellectual Property”) only in connection with one (1) local CycleHack Event on the dates registered for and agreed by CycleHack Ltd.

    Your use of the Intellectual Property must comply with the rules set forth here.

    If you wish to host any additional CycleHack events outside of the one (1) event you initially registered, you must email CycleHack Ltd to discuss a new event license.

    The term of this License will begin upon your acceptance of these terms by clicking “I AGREE” below and will end upon the earlier of (A) CycleHack Ltd termination of your License at any time if you should breach any of the terms of this License or termination by CycleHack for any other reason, in CycleHack Ltd’s sole discretion or (B) the conclusion of your Local CycleHack Event on the dates registered for and agreeded by CycleHack Ltd.

    The Intellectual Property may only be used to promote your local CycleHack Event, and in no event shall you, or any person or entity that organizes, participates in, or performs services regarding your local CycleHack Event, use the Intellectual Property, or the CycleHack name, logo, trademarks or service marks, for any other purpose, including, but not limited to, the sale of books, articles, publications, audio recordings, videos or other media, without the prior written consent of CycleHack Ltd. Without limiting in any way the generality of the foregoing, the Intellectual Property shall not be used to sponsor, endorse or suggest an affiliation with any third party.

    For clarity, this license prohibits you from accurately characterizing yourself as a CycleHack associate or member of the HQ team and or from authoring works or providing services that offer guidance on CycleHacking methodology. This prohibition shall survive the termination of the License. You may not transfer, sublicense or assign the License and/or your rights to use the Intellectual Property. CycleHack Ltd may require you to stop using the Intellectual Property in connection with your local CycleHack Event and may terminate your connection to the global event. If you do not use the CycleHack trademarks or service marks according to our guidelines, your License may be terminated. CycleHack Ltd may modify, amend, supplement and/or replace the terms and conditions of this License in writing at any time.

    2. Event Names: In addition to the actual event name, this also includes your website URL and social media handles and account names.

    Event Names are CycleHack + City / Place Name. All Event Names will be owned exclusively by CycleHack Ltd and are licensed to you according to these terms and conditions. You will have the right to use your Event Name solely during the Term.

    After the event, you will have no further rights to use the Event Name; provided however, if you apply for another CycleHack Event licence prior to the end of your Term you may request to use the same Event Name for the term of your new license.

    Should CycleHack Ltd find that you have not actually used the Event Name for a CycleHack Event, either at the end of your Term or up to the point of your application for another CycleHack Event prior to the end of your Term, CycleHack Ltd reserves the right to terminate your use of that Event Name. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CycleHack Ltd reserves the right to terminate your use of a particular Event Name at any time, in which case all your rights to use the Event Name will cease and CycleHack Ltd may use such Event Name in its sole discretion.

    3. Waiver of Liability: (3A) You will be responsible for all resources, equipment, staff, lodging, food, or other materials necessary or required for your local CycleHack Event. CycleHack Ltd will not be responsible or liable for providing you with any resources, personnel or materials other than any online resources made available by CycleHack Ltd on the main CycleHack website.

    (3B) CycleHack Ltd does not take responsibility for any incidents that may occur during your local CycleHack Event that you host. We do recommend ensuring you have some form of personal medical and/or health or event insurance coverage whilst participating in or hosting a Local CycleHack Event. See our policy recommendations on insurance here.

    (3C) You agree to assume full responsibility for any and all injuries or damages you may sustain or cause others to sustain in connection with your Local CycleHack Event, and to indemnify, defend and hold harmless CycleHack Ltd and it’s officers, directors, sponsor, partners, employees, volunteers, affiliates, licensors, and suppliers from and against any liability arising from such injuries and/or damages.

    4. Disputes and Governing Law. The terms of this License Agreement and the rights, obligations and performance of the Parties hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Scotland. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, shall be resolved in the Scottish Courts. You agree that the terms of this License are the entire agreement between you and CycleHack Ltd supersede all communications of any kind between you and CycleHack with respect to the License and any guidelines, rules or policies incorporated in this License.

    By selecting the boxes beside the text “I agree to the terms of the CycleHack Event License and that our one (1) Local CycleHack Event will take place only on the dates registered and agreed upon by CycleHack Ltd.” and “I have read and understood that if my license is approved and I do not abide by these rules, that my license will be canceled and I will not be able to apply for another license for over one year.” on the license application form, you are indicating your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this License and your review and approval.

3. Register Your Event

We can't wait to get CycleHacking with you!

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Use the 2018 CycleHack Tools as & when they become available on the CycleHack Resources page.

Read our Hack Pack to get an overview of all you need to know about hosting your event & use our Branding Template to customise your event logo.