Rules & Policies

CycleHack Global Movement

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We have designed CycleHack to be an open movement that is founded on a pro-active & collaborative attitude.

Over the years we’ve created a series of rules to make sure everyone is on the same page and that we maintain an open and friendly platform for all CycleHackers. Here at CycleHack HQ we provide the opportunity, platform and tools to be part of the CycleHack Global Movement, and while we do not have too many rules and polices, we have put some in place that we are strict about.

We review these rules and policies with our community annually and ask for input on updating them. These are a collaborative set of values that we all share.

The CycleHack Ethos & Basics

CycleHack is an Open Movement. Your local CycleHack Event should be open to everyone and welcome all communities with an interest in cycling of any kind. Read more...

Collaboration is what makes CycleHack work. We have designed CycleHack to be platform where people from all backgrounds, expertise and skill-sets can come together and prototype new ideas that reduce the barriers to cycling. It is important that you and your team remain open and impartial.

Join & Take Part in the Community & Online Platforms! We use our Website and Slack to communicate and share resources / important files. Read more...

Slack is an online collaboration tool that you can access in a browser, on your phone and download to your desktop. It makes it easy to connect and talk with people and costs you nothing.

Within Slack you will find notices for all organisers and we hope you will be active on there. We want you to be part of these platforms and we would invite you and your team to interact with us & other organisers on them.

This discussion forum is a great resource for any questions about the event, and really helps first-time organisers. It also helps cities to share their plans with each other, and saves organisers time in the long run

Your CycleHack Event must be not for profit, unless you have a paid for licence agreement with CycleHack HQ.

The Global CycleHack Event is a volunteer led initiative and is not for profit. Your local CycleHack Event must not be used to make money or raise funds for a charity or other organisation.

If you are a brand or organisation that is looking to use CycleHack as a way to attract customers and ultimatly make profit, we ask that you get in touch with us to chat about your needs and we can set up a licence agreement for the use of our intellectual property.

No Challenges or themes! A local CycleHack Event should be open to all, and not designed around a specific challenge or theme.

We encourage all events to remain open to all types of barriers and solutions to be developed by CycleHackers. The Global CycleHack Event is a bit different to other hackathons where there is one challenge, instead, we like to remain open. CycleHack Organisers should use our pack of pre-filled barrier cards to broaden CycleHackers minds to all types of potential sticking-points and areas they can have impact.


Who is the License Holder?

CycleHack HQ considers the license holder the primary organizer of a local CycleHack Event. If this is found to not be the case, CycleHack reserves the right to revoke or not renew a license. Licensees under the age of 18 must have a supervising adult co-organiser listed on their application.

What is the license term?

Your Global CycleHack Event license is only valid from the date upon which you accept our terms and conditions until the conclusion of the Global CycleHack Event that year.

CycleHack HQ reserves the right to terminate your license at any time if you should breach any of the terms outlined in the licence or any other reason in CycleHack Ltd’s sole discretion.

Local CycleHack Events

What should the duration of my CycleHack Event be?

We encourage local CycleHack Events to run through the 2.5 day agenda of a Full CycleHack Weekend Event, as we feel this allows for CyceHackers to have the most impact.

However we do understand that some organisers can't commit to a full weekend of activity, so from 2018 onwards we have oppen the format up into a number of different potential agendas.

If your team of event organisers cannot make this happen, we do allow for shorter events to take place. If you are concerned about the agenda and are unable to stick to the 2.5 day format, we can help you work out other options to suit your event, while still allowing participants to register, prototype and test ideas, and upload to the CycleHack Catalogue.

What language are the CycleHack Resources offered in?

As the Global CycleHack Event is run entierly by a small team of volunteers (Matt & Sarah) we unfortuantly are not able to offer our tools in languages other than English. While we would love to have all of our tools open a accessable in lots of different languages, we do not currently have the time or resouces to do so.

We encourage local CycleHack Events to translate our tools and guides into local languages if they feel this is necessary.

Feel free to ask us for our source files so you can translate and edit easily.

Admission Fee. You can charge an attendance fee for your local CycleHack Event, although the profits gained must go towards event and operating costs only.

We recommend that you keep any admission fee to a minimum in order to appeal to as wide a variety of participants as possible. Tickets cannot be priced higher than $100 USD. (including any third-party ticketing process fees)

We suggest having a ticket type for students / unemployed at a lower rate or free of charge. We also recommend that you add a ‘If the ticket price is a problem or barrier for you, contact us and we'll figure something out’ note within your ticketing process and help people attend if you do charge for tickets.

Where should my CycleHack Event be located?

Your Local CycleHack Event must happen in the city / neighbourhood / place in which you applied for and received your license.

If you wish to change this you must contact CycleHack HQ directly, and let us know!

Attendance and size

Your event can be any size from 2 people to over a 100, and take on a number of different formats!

Local CycleHack Events can be hosted at any scale and focus on different geographic levels from one street to a whole city. We recommend that, if you haven’t attended or hosted a CycleHack Event before, you keep the number of participants small in your first event (2 - 20 participants) and focus on moving CyleHackers from conversations into action!!


Local CycleHack Events that are components of the Global CycleHack Event can only be hosted within the allocated dates.

The success of the Global CycleHack Event lies in that it is a celebration of all things CycleHack and brings our entire global movement together. If there is a local festival or event that is happeneing at the same time that you want to align with to get more visibility / attendees then please work together. However, if that main festival or event wants to run a CycleHack Event outside of the given dates, you must contact us for a separate license.


We recommend you run your local CycleHack Event with or in partnership with an agency or venue who can cover insurance for the event.

If your local CycleHack Event is small and designated in your local legislation as a 'gathering' then do seek out if you are required to have a specific permit. In addition, if you’re concerned about insurance and liability you may want to consider making use of a waiver for participants sign that clearly states that you claim no responsibility.

CycleHack Ltd takes no responsibility for incidents that may happen during the Global CycleHack Event but it is our duty to ensure you find out if your venue is safe for all and, if needs be, covered by insurance.

Overall though - we ask you to create a safe and secure premises and activities for your CycleHackers. We care about everyone that takes part.

Using the CycleHack Open Source Catalogue

Make sure your participants register to the CycleHack Open Source Catalogue during the first day of the Global CycleHack Event. This registration process allows us to know who, and how many people are CycleHacking with us.

It is also very important that you provide participants the opportunity to upload what they have worked on throughout the weekend by 5pm local time on the last day. We are looking for detailed descriptions along with photos and any links to videos or other files when uploading.

Internet Access

It is vital that you / your venue has internet access. If access to the internet isn't readily available/reliable in your city then speak to CycleHack HQ about other ways to capture your hacks from the weekend.

Internet access allows participants can register to the Open Source Catalogue, search for relevant content during the event and upload their work at the end of the weekend. Here at CycleHack HQ we also release important messages throughout the weekend, and need all organisers and participants to receive these.

Naming & Branding

Event Name

The name of your local CycleHack Event must be linked to the place you are running it. Event Names are CycleHack + City / Place Name.

We do not accept names like CycleHack Canada, or CycleHack California, for example. We prefer CycleHack Toronto or CycleHack San Francisco, or even CycleHack Mission District and CycleHack Argyle Street. In the event multiple people submit an application to host a local CycleHack Event in the same location we will ask for a collaboration to take place.

Your logo design should adhere to the style made available through our branding pack template.

Your logo should include the CycleHack banner, ™ symbol, the current year and your local CycleHack Event name. Creating your event logo is a fun way to kick start the process of planning your event, and will allow you to begin spreading the event’s details.

Sponsorship & Funds

Event Funds

The Global CycleHack Event is a not for profit volunteer led initiative, and your event must not be used to make money or raise funds for a charity or other organisation.

All ticket sales and sponsor partnerships must go into the running of your local CycleHack Event only. If there is a surplus due to ticket sales and numbers over your expenses, we ask that you declare this to CycleHack HQ and use to invest into the next year’s event.

Eligible Sponsors

We do not currently have a prohibited sponsor list, however we ask you choose carefully and discuss sponsors with us if you have questions.

If you are looking for sponsorship to help gather resources for your event, we recommend that you reach out to local cycling related organisations, creative studios / organisations, tool libraries, art schools, etc. In our experience we have found that asking for resources, rather than financial donations, is an easier and more effective way to coordinate a successful event.

Sponsors are to have no editorial control over your content or programme.

While sponsors are a great way to gather the help needed to bring your local CycleHack Event to life, it is required that they do not interfere with the general CycleHack Event agenda. However please do invite them to speak, run a workshop or judge your event. Get them involved!


If you do receive direct financial sponsorship, we recommend that you ask sponsors to pay vendors directly to keep things as simple for organisers as possible.


While giveaways are a great way to help bring your event to life and make it extra special for participants, prizes are not required! CycleHack is not a competition! Some organisers may provide a token prize for 'best CycleHack', etc, although this is not mandatory.

If you do have a sponsor that is looking to invest in a CycleHack or team of CycleHackers, let us know and we can help facilitate next steps!

Website & Social Media

Domain Names

Do not purchase a domain name until your license has been approved by CycleHack HQ.

The URL of your website's homepage should be the name of your local CycleHack Event, e.g. The .com or .org top-level domain should be your first choice, followed by the top-level domain of your country (e.g., .pl for Poland). .org and .net should be your next choices.

Do remember that while some CycleHack Events choose to have their own website, this is not mandatory. You may choose to only use social media.

Domain Ownership

When you purchase your local CycleHack Event URL you are, at your own cost, entitled to maintain and keep this but we ask that you do not ‘domain squat’.

In the interest of a growing community, we ask that you hand your URL over if you do not wish to run in the subsequent years.

We don’t require you to take down a site, although we would ask that if someone seeks to run it post your involvement, you hand it over to them.

Website Content

You should include all basic details of your local CycleHack Event as part of your online presence, along with all required info provided by CycleHack HQ.

This helps reduce the number of questions that CycleHack HQ is asked about your individual event.

This should include:

  • A link to the main CycleHack website.
  • Information about the 2017 Global CycleHack Event.
  • The Global CycleHack Event dates.
  • A link to or an embedded online ticket office.
  • The address of your venue space.
  • Contact information for the primary event organiser.
  • Footer text saying "This is an independent event hosted as part of the Global CycleHack Event and is operated under a license from CycleHack Ltd ™ "

    You can find helpful boiler plate text about the Global CycleHack Event for inclusion in your website and social media platforms on the CycleHack Resouces page.


The name of your Facebook account should mirror the name of your event. Set up your Facebook account as a "Page," not as a "Group" or "Profile." Your local CycleHack Event logo must appear in your Facebook profile image. No sponsor logos are allowed. In the "Info" tab, include the 'About CycleHack' and ‘About Global CycleHack Event' copy.


Your Twitter account name must mirror the name of your Global CycleHack event. If your event name exceeds the 15-character limit allowed for Twitter names, try alternatives such as your local airport code. You must use your official local CycleHack Event logo as your Twitter image. No sponsor logos are allowed.


You must adhere to YouTube's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when promoting any video on any YouTube channel.

You can find YouTube's Terms of Service here.

You can find YouTube's Community Guidelines here.

Other social media channels

All of the standard naming, sponsor and branding rules apply.

You may not display any unacceptable content associated with:

  • Weapons manufacturers
  • Ammunition companies
  • Cigarette companies
  • Online gambling organizations
  • Sex-related businesses

Email lists

Email lists you keep are only for communicating about the Global CycleHack Event and your local CycleHack Event.

Organisers and sponsors do not have permission to make use of these lists to communicate any other content.

Online Activity:

Social Media is a vital part of CycleHack and it is important that you and your team share your experience of CycleHack in a pro-active and positive way.

You and your team are required to maintain clean language and an open mind to all arguments and opinions. Please use #cyclehack to keep all communications in one place.

Press Releases

Please refer to your event the with official name provided and ensure boilerplate text is used for information about CycleHack HQ.

Please use both the primary CycleHack logo from our branding pack, and your local CycleHack Event logo in press releases. You can find current press release information on the CycleHack Organiser Platform here.

These policies were reviewed and co-produced with CycleHack organisers around the world;

Matthew Lowell (Vancouver), Sarah Drummond (London), Jane Parker (sydney), Zoé Kruchten (Brussels), Marlies Deforche (Brussels), Max Seabrooke (Manchester), Gabriele Schliwa (Manchester), Susan Johnsen (Bergen), Kathrine Marthinsen (Bergen), Icnelly Pineda (Mexico City), Keira Anderson (Glasgow) & Johanna Holtan (Edinburgh)