We're really excited to collaborate with Timbuk2 on a series of CycleHack meet-up events!

Alongside local CycleHackers, Timbuk2 is hosting these events throughout North America in all of their flagship stores on June 13th!

We are looking for cool, creative people to collaborate with a Timbuk2 store managers and help bring these events to life!

Whether you are in one of the participating cities, or you know someone who has the skills to help coordinate & facilitate - we’d love to hear from you at cyclehack2017@cyclehack.com 

These events aim to spark excitement and build a community in each city as we move towards the Global CycleHack Event in September.

Event Overview

6pm - 9pm (local time)

  • Welcome & Intro from Timbuk2 Store Managers & local CycleHacker(s)
  • Premier of Timbuk2 x CycleHack Short film (details will be released soon!!)
  • Tasty food / drinks & time to socialize
  • CycleHack Barrier Cards (Time to get creative!!)
  • Hello from CycleHack HQ!