Hello & Intro from CycleHack HQ

Matt Lowell - Timbuk2 Future Shaper

We're really excited to collaborate with Timbuk2 on a series of CycleHack Meetup Events!

Alongside local CycleHackers, Timbuk2 is hosting these events throughout North America in all of their flagship stores on June 13th!

We are looking for cool, creative people to collaborate with a Timbuk2 store managers and help bring these events to life!

Whether you are in one of the participating cities, or you know someone who has the skills to help coordinate & facilitate - we’d love to hear from you at cyclehack2017@cyclehack.com 

These events aim to spark excitement and build a community in each city as we move towards the Global CycleHack Event in September.

Event Overview

6pm - 9pm (local time)

  • Welcome & Intro from Timbuk2 Store Managers & local CycleHacker(s)
  • Hello from CycleHack HQ!
  • Timbuk2 x CycleHack Short film
  • Tasty food / drinks & time to socialize
  • CycleHack Barrier Cards (Time to get creative!!)